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August 24, 2018


There’s been a lot of press around the Tesla Model 3. No surprise since this is the “electric car for the masses”. This statement is slightly untrue as the least expensive configuration for the Model 3 right now is still $49,000. The bigger issue is that t...

January 26, 2018


When I drove the flagship G90 early last year, I walked away thoroughly impressed with the incredible level of refinement. However, I was actually waiting for the G80 Sport. I preferred the styling on the smaller Genesis and loved the styling cues exclusiv...

November 10, 2017

The GS F continues to inch its way towards the competition. In this newest iteration, we may have the best Lexus F-car short of the LFA. Now powered by the same 5.0L, 467hp V8 that can be found in the RC F, along with improved brakes and suspension, the GS F has solidi...

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