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  • Alexander Mitich

2022 Acura MDX A-Spec - Everything Is A Sports Car

Innovation is a process that modifies existing elements, ideas or protocols to improve them and create new products or services that have a favorable impact on the market. We could say that the 2021Acura MDX has innovated in many aspects, although it falls short in one; It would have been the perfect SUV , but someone decided otherwise.

Can you buy a car just for its sound system? In most cases the answer would be negative and I dare to say that even the question is irrational. If you want a good sound, buy an audio system, but in the case of the MDX we could consider this option as valid: it can be bought only for its sound system.

To achieve unrivaled audio, the creators of the MDX hired eight-time Grammy-winning engineer Elliot Scheiner as producer. Scheiner managed to put 16 speakers with 16 different channels and make the vehicle an acoustic room (it has speakers up to the ceiling, four to be exact, as well as 710 watts of power).

The result is a clear, sublime, spectacular sound; one of the best I've ever heard, and I'm not just talking about cars. In general, the notes, the basses and the whole frequency of the music are heard as if the artists were performing live.

As for infotainment, we said the car was almost perfect, and if we can consider it for sound alone, it's also possible to pass it by due to the lack of a touch screen. Although the panel is spectacular, at 12.3 inches, it does not respond to touch; it has to be controlled with a touchpad similar to those found on laptops.

We cannot imagine how the executives of the Japanese brand understood that leaving the 2021 Acura MDX without a touch screen was a good idea, since the previous generation did have it. If you buy a Honda, it will surely have it, why not the MDX? We have been told that it is for safety reasons that drivers are distracted by touch screens. That's probably true, but it's also a fact that touch panels are convenient.

Putting the car's hits and misses behind, the handling is excellent. It has a 3.5-liter six-cylinder engine that produces 290 horsepower; It's not a super fast vehicle, but it's enough to give the truck a pleasing drive. The redesign made this SUV much more stable, an improvement that is noticeable on curvy roads. It's also important to note that its safety innovation received five stars from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).

All its finishes tell us that it is a premium vehicle, and its price also indicates it. We drove a top-of-the-line Advance model, and it had everything the MDX can have: leather seats, wireless phone charger, the aforementioned great sound and driver assistance systems, all for $62,175, a high price, but that gives you a lot.

If you can get past the lack of a touchscreen, the 2021 Acura MDX is a great option. Personally, I really like touching surfaces, feeling the car, which is why I couldn't buy this model. When I test a car I focus a lot on technology, for that reason the MDX is great in all aspects, except its screen.


Sportiest handling in the segment

Handsome, updated exterior styling

Interior refinement


Awful infotainment

Nearly useless 3rd row


Engine: 3.5L V6

Drivetrain: AWD

Power: 290 hp

Torque: 267 lb-ft

Transmission: 10-Speed Automatic

Fuel Economy (City/Highway/Comb.): 21/19/25 MPG

Curb Weight: 4,514 lbs

Base Price: $49,925

Price as Tested: $58,625

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